The Dream

Can you remember the days we all stood together as one - the days of being united feeling invincible when we all believed in each other. If we were to take a step back in time and think hard the best example probably relates back to the World Cup 1966. The whole country united and proud to be English. This is where my dream comes from. 2 years ago I wrote the Lockerz song with hope to bring back the true spirit of English football. But the nation seemed down, more like we were hoping for a single win than bringing home the World Cup. However following every qualifying game cheering our lads on I was determined that all could change with a new tactical approach from the bench. Roy our cherished star has managed to get us there in style and grit now this is the time to cheer.

I remember watching our last goal smash the back of the net and the thoughts ran through my mind "THIS IS IT......THIS IS NOW OUR TIME". 50 glory years later we have hope and glory within our grasp.Time to make the celebration record come alive!

I had already made my mind up regarding who would be best to sing this song, 5 diehard England fans. It doesn't matter whether they are singers as long as they have lion passion. I selected 5 England fans at random and the dream started. At first you can imagine their thoughts, this must be a wind up. Obviously not I mean business and when it comes to determination I won't give up. We recorded the first take in a Bristol studio and have uploaded it to YouTube for you to view. Meanwhile we will freshly record it at Peter Gabriel's studio in Bath so you won't have to wait long to hear the next version. Until then please play the track, be honest and open and lets reunite back the true sprit in English football. The tournament starts in June and we won the World Cup 50 days after the tournament begins so please work it out for yourselves.


- CJ (the man behind The LOCKERZ)