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Celebrity Support – The Lockerz

Celebrity Support

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Celebrity Support for The LockerZ

During the many campaigns from Nepal, Xmas and NHS Support Songs

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Support for The Lockerz  has been amazing, the response to our announcement of a new Christmas song “Say A Prayer For Christmas” has been breathtaking to say the least. Say A Prayer For Christmas will be released early December however it will be available to pre-order well in advance. The public have always been behind The Lockerz and supports all the good work we are doing to help others in life. Our aim is to Make A Difference by supporting, funding and raising awareness to those who need our help.

Together, We Can Make A Difference! (MAD) #TheLockerZ

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Speaker Watch! Let Us Know

Last year we had an amazing response from celebrities showing their support in building a school in Nepal and we would like to say a big thank you to all of the celebrities that supported us with our project. This year we are raising awareness and funds to help Re-engage to help older people receive a better chance of socialising in groups set up by Re-engage

Last year Re-engage had more than 8,000 older guests that were part of nearly 900 groups across the UK, supported by 12,000 volunteers. 

Our Christmas Song “SAY A PRAYER FOR CHRISTMAS” will help these people by donating all record sales direct to our partnership Charity Re-engage.

Together We Can Make A Difference

This year we are giving away FREE these cool Bluetooth Speaker Watches. These watches will come with our song already installed on them so you can be one of the first people to listen to our Christmas song “Say A Prayer For Christmas” before its released.