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Meet The Team – The Lockerz
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The Lockerz supporting Re-Engage

The LockerZ

The Lockerz are proud to be in Partnership with Re-engage. Together we can Make A Difference.

“Say A Prayer For CHRISTMAS”

The official 2019 Christmas song from The Lockerz

CJ The Lockerz

CJ (Locker)

Founder of The Lockerz. Manager/Singer and producer. Previous experience in music many years ago in a band called Impact. Interest signings to major record labels however band split before we signed. Recorded my own material with legend Paul Mex (who worked with Wham and The Troggs) as a solo artist in Watford studio early 90’s. Proudest moment was to attend Princess Diana 25th Legacy Anniversary in Bath a few years ago. Met Very inspiring people. I love writing these crazy ideas and putting them to the test. Last few projects have been so much fun and helped so many people. Looking forward for this years journey and how far we can go… A massive Thank you to everyone that has helped us achieve the impossible. Making A Difference. MAD


LONGER (Locker)

Rob Long (aka Longer) grew up on the edge of the Cotswolds before moving down to Weston-super-Mare around 12 years ago. A keen sportsman, he met the other Lockerz whilst playing football for a local amateur team Locking Park FC. By daytime he manages a team of data protection and cyber security professionals. His passions include spending quality time with his family, listening to music and playing sports. Due to family and work commitments he was not involved in the previous track, but after hearing CJ’s vision he is delighted to be involved in this one.

Damo of the Lockerz

DAMO (Locker)

Hi I’m Damo. When I was younger I played semi-pro football for a few clubs. At present I give my spare time as manager of LPFC football club where we are aiming to achieve County Level status. I’ve worked closely with CJ since day 1 regarding The Lockerz and enjoyed the journey and experience I have had . I’ve appeared on BBC The One show, Dutch TV where I met Jan Smit (Dutch Superstar) and radio stations within the UK. Rubbing shoulders with celebrities is starting to become the norm. Being asked again to be in The Lockerz Christmas Song for me was a absolute privilege and I’m ready to start raising money for people that need our help.


YOZZA (Locker)

“Right the good looking one is still here. This is my 3rd project with the Lockerz which has been an amazing journey so far. From performing live on the one show to 5 million people to trekking through the Himalayan foothills and wandering around Kathmandu,
Pretty special to a lad that spends the vast majority of his life working a regular job as an engineer in a cardboard box factory lol.
I’m a regular family man with a beautiful wife and 2 kids. I’ve worked in engineering all my life after completing my apprenticeship straight from school.
I love sport especially football playing for my local football team for over 20 years and now my role as chairman.
Looking forward to this song and where it takes us it’s different from the last 2 and a very worthwhile cause.
So to sum it up. I’m a regular bloke who loves his family loves football and can make a very bad shirt look good 😉

Scottie The Lockerz

SCOTTIE (Locker)

“Hi I’m Scott from The Lockerz. I was born in what many class as the best year ever if your a football fan 1966 not I can remember much from my early years but at an early age I realised my love for music and started singing in the house all the time but if my father was still here at that time he would disagree and say what’s that racket but as the years went on I started doing karaoke and singing more and my confidence grew more and more and probably one of my proudest moments was not long after my mother passed away and my father was staying with me in Worcester and he came to a karaoke with he heard me sing and started to cry and said I wish your mother could hear you you sound amazing, Then time moved on and I started doing things for Charity I fitted a couple off Charity shop out for free and this lead to me being invited to the queens tea party and what an amazing experience and then after that I had the pleasure in meeting and working for CJ the founder of the Lockerz which has been an amazing experience with recording the last song and now this new Christmas song and the great thing is it’s all for Charity and I’m doing something I love with amazing people.”


Aiden Malik (Guitar)

Not just a pretty face, Aiden Studies 4 A levels, so clearly lacks some form of self-respect. Hoping to study Business at University, he hopes someday he can boss people around for a living, in some high flying corporate management position. With the possible exception of a good one-liner, there’s nothing in life Aiden loves quite like music. A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, and known for his energetic charisma on stage, Aiden has two live solo shows, “All Together Now!” and “Dark Side of the Tune” which he performs live at pubs, holiday parks, festivals, and private parties alike, under the brand ‘Aiden Malik Performs.’ “Working with the Lockerz, musicians, singers and sound engineers for the project has been an absolute pleasure” Quoted Aiden Malik.


Mark from The Lockerz

Mark (Bass Guitarist)

Mark James, Bristol Musician – Guitarist and Bassist and tutor. I started playing guitar when I was 11 and bass/double bass when I was 15. I always knew I wanted to do music as a career so I studied music at college. I have played hundreds of gigs over the years since the age of 15. naming a few big gigs for me would be Glastonbury 3 times, The Colston Hall in Bristol and playing to the Queen live in 2006. Amazing…. My roots are very varied as I was and still am a huge Michael Jackson fan but when I started learning instruments I was heavily into rock n roll and rockabilly music by family. I was in a band when I was 15 for about 8-10 years which went onto being signed by a label in London which led to us recording an album that got released. This was a good experience in my career. These days I mainly teach, do some recording and gigging in various function bands for agencies and play on my own trio on Guitar or Bass. Playing bass on this Christmas track has given me the chance to do more recording in studios which I absolutely love doing. I’m glad I have helped the Lockerz with this project and I have received great feedback for my craft/skills which is much appreciated Thank you. Find me on Facebook and Instagram like all other musicians. Thanks for reading about me.

paul quinn plays piano


I am a freelance session keyboard player, composer, recording and mix engineer and producer, working in the past year with KateyBrooks (True Speaker Records), Danny Byrd (Hospital Records), Samuel Jack (Landon Records) Dave Angel (Bedrock Records), Mo Pleasure (Michael Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire), James Morton, Tony Remy, Ian Matthews (Kasabian), Nate James, Scott McKeon (Tom Jones), Alex Hutchings, Scott Hammond (Jethro Tull), Pete Gage, The Blue Funk Trio, Ruth Royall, Dave Betts, Will Edmunds, Dub From Atlantis, Kevin Figes, Gary Alesbrook, Craig Crofton, Ben Waghorn, Jerry Crozier-Cole, Richie Blake, Rick Leon James, Liam Ward, Jon Amor, Denny Ilett, Tony Orell and many others.

I have also performed with session legends Lawrence Cottle and Ian Thomas and Yolanda Charles. I have scored two films in the past year including a Creative England iShorts project andhave recently co written several tracks for KateyBrooks’ latest album ‘Revolute’ which I recorded and mixed.

I have performed at many festivals in the UK and abroad including Glastonbury and Womad and in the past year have performed at the Glastonbury Festival, Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival, Bristol Acoustic Festival (Lantern Stage) and Marlborough Jazz Festival amongst others.

I have performed many times on BBC Radio Bristol and tracks that I produced and played on have been played on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 6, BBC Introducing and playlisted on Jazz FM.

tim price drums


I’ve been drumming since the age of 12. Having picked up the drums quickly, I soon became the drummer in all the school bands, from orchestra to swing band and various rock bands. I studied at DrumTech London later on and studied for a DIP HE in Pop Music Performance before returning home. Since then I have traveled all over the world with my drumming, performed live sessions on Radio 2, Played Glastonbury 3 times, spend 3 months playing around the Caribbean on a cruise ship and recorded several albums with various artists. I pride myself on being able to play all styles of music well, but my default is ROCK!!!
I enjoyed working with CJ, albeit very briefly! I wish him and his organisation all the best with their charity work for the future.
Ali from The Lockerz

ALI (Backing Vocals)

“I come from a musical family as my dad was a entertainer singer pianist around weston in which myself and four sisters performed on stage and pubs and clubs as a cabernet act with him. later in life I performed some backing tracks vocals for 7O’s group Racey. I also went out preforming gigs with my sister for 10 years around weston. Since working at the coach house I have enjoyed many karaoke nights and been involved in The Lockerz projects for charity which has been a wonderful experience to have had the chance of being involved in them.”

Denise from The Lockerz

DENISE (Backing Vocals)

I first started singing in school productions, I went on to join an amateur dramatics group doing amazing shows like Cabaret, Jesus Christ Superstar and West Side Story where I played Anita. A show we took to Ireland for the Waterford festival, what an amazing experience that was. I started singing lessons in my late teens and loved every moment of it, leading me on , in my later years to join award winning Birmingham Opera Company, singing soprano and performing original productions with some amazing professional producers such as Graham Vick and professional opera singers such as Keel Watson and Eric Green, accompanied by The Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. I have since moved to Somerset and got involved with The Lockerz, an amazing group of people who have made me feel very welcome,recording singles for charity.

Courtney of the Lockerz

COURTNEY (Backing Vocals)

I’ve been singing since I was a little girl, I have performed leads in many popular musicals including Grease, Wizard of Oz and Annie, I have since performed in Oliver and a series of pantomimes where I often played a fairy godmother.

I got involved in the Lockerz after moving down to Somerset four years ago where I was picked for my karaoke talents 😂 and I was involved in last years World Cup song raising money to build a school in Nepal. I am currently studying a law degree where I aspire to be a criminal barrister. Looking forward to the journey of this years Christmas Song “Say A Prayer”.

Sister Sing from The Lockerz

Sister Sing

Sister Sing are a female modern/contemporary chamber singing group based in North Somerset.
All the girls are highly trained musicians, music teachers, Musical Directors and Composers.
Our previous performances include The Carnegie Hall, NY, HRH Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee Buckingham Palace.
We have also appeared on BBC One’s One Show Roadshow and European tours.
We were also the backing choir for G4.
Sister Sing perform regularly for private and corporal events and support many local and national charities.
CJ approached us regarding this Christmas song and we were happy to help The Lockerz with their Christmas project.

Please visit our Sister Sing Facebook page

tony hobden

Tony Hobden (Producer)

I have been producing music for over 30 years and worked with some amazing musicians and Artists within this time. I have recorded in many studios across the UK and also been involved with many successful projects. The Lockerz World Cup Song last year helped build a school in Nepal for a charity close to my heart “shiva” in which I dedicate my spare time in helping children in Nepal have a better chance of leading a normal life. Looking forward to see how far The Lockerz Christmas Song will go this year and hope to see it do well and raising money for other people that need their help. 

Tarrant Shepherd

Tarrant Shepherd (Recording Engineer)

Tarrant is a producer, recording engineer and audio editor living in the South-West of England. He has worked for esteemed producers such as Clint Murphy, Greg Haver, Gil Norton, Tony Hobden and Sean Genockey across many musical genres, mostly centred around Rock and Metal. After graduating from Bath Spa University at 20 with an FDA in Music Production, he went on to work as an assistant engineer at Modern World Studios for three years. He then moved to New Zealand for a year, working in Massey University’s all-new music department based in Wellington. Upon returning he decided to complete his degree, and graduated from University Centre Weston/Bath Spa University with a First in BA Professional Music Performance & Production. Tarrant now works as a freelance producer, recording engineer, live sound engineer, audio editor, musician and occasional lighting technician. (Credits and who I’ve worked with are all on my website, tarrantshepherd.com) Song Thoughts I have the utmost respect for the amount of passion and effort put into making this single. The enthusiasm shown by everyone involved was wonderful to witness in the studio, and I believe that passion comes through in the final release. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and believe in the song’s message and intention, and the charitable causes it supports. The song itself is so transparent and free of deception, with no agenda other than to make you feel something. To empathise with those less fortunate than yourself. It’s beauty lies within it’s simplicity, with a chorus that will stay in your head for weeks (I know it did for me!). https://www.tarrantshepherd.com

pete taylor

Pete Taylor (Video)

 I’m Pete Hope you’ve guessed by the photo what I’m my role is. Obviously I’m the camera man with the massive responsibility of delivering The Lockerz Christmas Song Video. keep those eyes open it’s coming soon………

mark hearton

Mark Hearton (Media)

I’m Mark and I help out with The Lockerz website and social media. I also take some photos when required and was lucky enough to tag along documenting the groups visit to Nepal in 2018.

I’ve been involved with The Lockerz for all of their songs and hoping the new single ‘Say a Prayer’ will deliver CJ and the boys, singers and musicians the success they deserve. As well as generating lots of money for people in need.

Jason Smith Web Design Marketing

Jason Smith (Web Design)

It’s an honour to work on behalf of the lockerz, for such a fantastic cause and doing my bit towards the charity. The website is designed on the very popular wordpress platform. I’ve been designing and seo marketing for over 20 years now and it’s my true passion in life. Wishing the Lockerz and all involved the very best of Christmas Chart success so please “Say A Prayer For Christmas” and help raise money for much needed people and causes around the world.

Christmas 2019

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“Say A Prayer for Christmas”

The Christmas Charity Song

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