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Meet The LockerZ – The Lockerz

Meet The LockerZ

/Meet The LockerZ
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The Lockerz

The LockerZ

Lisa The Lockerz


“I’m Lisa the loud one. I love live music and spend most of my time  off from work in Social Housing at festivals all over the country in the Summer. 
Then, unlike the other girls you can find me on the side lines in the wind and  rain supporting Locking Park FC. Lived in Locking over 25 years, so you could  say I’m a local. Love socialising down the Coach House with the rest of the group”



“I’m Yozza, (the good looking one but you already knew that) I was part of C.J’s last project, so when he approached me again I jumped at it, another great cause which i’m very proud to be part of. I Love football so can’t wait for the World Cup to kick-off this year. Just one game at a time though, Come on England!”



“Hi, I’m Bromers, Born in Burnley so I’m obviously a massive Clarets fan! I’ve played football pretty much all my life and now the coach of Locking Park FC where myself and the LOCKERZ met. Got a very eclectic taste in music, from The Beatles to Prince and I’ll be
 looking forward to spurring on England at the World Cup this year with the help of our World Cup Anthem so please together let’s make a difference.”

Courtney of the Lockerz


“My name is Courtney, I’m 19 years old, I’ve always been a big singer since I was little and I’m very grateful to have been given this opportunity. I’m the only Welsh member in The Lockerz and moved to the village 2 years ago.”

Scottie The Lockerz


“Hi, I’m Scottie, one of the singers in the group, I live for today but look forward to what tomorrow offers, a normal bloke, normal job, love a sherbert or 2 but who doesn’t. I look forward to spending time with my Grandson who takes the Mickey all the time but that’s what Grandads are for, I have a meeting with my Auntie Stella now! “

CJ The Lockerz


“Song writer and Co-Producer of the song. Love living and love to aim high. Proud sponsor of Locking Park FC (LPFC)

My past-time is to drink Thatchers in my local pub with my best mate “Lottie” my English Bull Dog who looks like she’s chewing a wasp.”

MC The Lockerz


“My name is Martin, but everyone calls me Motion. This is my MC name that I have used whilst performing at many dance events over the last 20 years from London to the USA. I’ve had the pleasure of working with many great artists in the Dance music scene. I absolutely love performing and entertaining on stage, using music as a great source to bring all walks of life together.

In my spare time I love spending time with my family. Another big passion is playing and watching footy.”

Ali from The Lockerz


“Hi, my name is Ali, I’m a bar maid at the Coach House in Locking. I Love singing and i’m always on the karaoke. I am excited to be part of this World Cup Song.”

Denise from The Lockerz


“My name’s Denise but I am otherwise known as Mamma Dee. I have been a football fan since I was a very small girl and am an avid Liverpool supporter even though I originally come from B’ham. Moved to Locking 3 years ago and have been taken in by the locals (Lockerz). Love the village and everyone in it.”


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“They Think It’s All Over”

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